An Italian success

The Italian Navy relies on GE Aviation propulsion technology for their new ships.

David Joyce on GE Aviation Digital

Read GE Aviation President & CEO, David Joyce’s letter in the GE Annual Report on how digital and the use of data will transform GE Aviation’s business.

Sundown for the Viking S-3

During its 35 years of service to the fleet, the Lockheed S-3 Viking was affectionately known as “the Hoover” because of the distinctive vacuum like sound of its engines.

For GE9X, Bigger Is Better

Preparing for the first test of the world’s largest engine—GE9X—requires big equipment and investments at GE Aviation Peebles Ohio facility.

Celebrating LEAP year!

LEAP Year may come around every four years, but advanced technology like the LEAP engine only comes around once in a generation!

On an electric power trip

As the trend toward all-electric aircraft accelerates, GE Aviation continues to invest in power generation, distribution and integration.

Welcome home, warfighter.

A Navy veteran and current GE Aviation tool and gage inspector, George “Buddy” Johnson knows how important it is for...

First Flight for LEAP-1A powered Airbus A321neo

Two CFM LEAP-1A engines successfully completed a five-hour, 29-minute flight powering the new Airbus A321neo, paving the way for delivery of the first LEAP engines on the largest member of the A320neo family in 2017.

GE Reports: Are You Ready For The 18-Hour Flight?

The oil embargo of 1973 was a miserable period when American towns banned Christmas lights to save electricity, billboards urged citizens to “turn off the damn lights” and filling stations dispensed gasoline by appointment only

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