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Five Trends that will Shape Aerospace in 2024

2023 marked another dynamic year for aerospace. New challenges appeared, others stuck around and some thankfully faded.  
What changes could 2024 bring? We spoke with five GE Aerospace experts on the trends they are watching next year and the impact those trends will have on the global aerospace system.  

Robinson Zapata: Finding Meaning in His Work

Working in the commercial parts supply industry was just the beginning for Robinson Zapata. As a 17-year GE Aerospace employee and member of the U.S. Army Reserves, he found his true calling and fell in love with the precision and dedication required in the aviation industry. What really motivates him are the people he works with.

A Jumbo Moment for SAF: Emirates Operates First A380 on 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel in One Engine

Dubai-based Emirates became the first airline to operate an Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger airliner, on 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in one engine. The aircraft, which is powered by four Engine Alliance GP7200 engines, used 100% SAF in one of its four engines, another milestone in the industry’s growing momentum to bring standardization, certification, and adoption of 100% SAF closer to reality.

Aspiring Futures in GE Aerospace Fleet Support

The Fleet Support team began tapping into the Edison Engineering Development Program (EEDP) in 2022, a program that accelerates participants’ professional and technical development within GE Aerospace’s Advance Courses in Engineering and a variety of business-critical engineering assignments. Edison graduates have the technical and business foundation to proactively make innovative contributions to GE Aerospace’s future.

Here are four profiles of recent EEDP graduates who have made contributions within Fleet Support:

GE Aerospace’s Quick Six with Miriam Alvarez

In this installation of Quick Six, GE Aerospace chatted with Miriam Alvarez, Senior Manufacturing Manager.

Alvarez has been with GE Aerospace for 13 years, during which she’s been deeply involved with the Hispanic Forum, which has incited her commitment to volunteer in the community and grow her career through mentorship.

A Legendary Helicopter Engine Turns to Sustainable Aviation Fuel to Get Back in the Skies

Known for its daring rescues and VIP transport, the Sikorsky S-92 is getting an upgrade. GE Aerospace’s CT7 engines that power the S-92 will now use a blend of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and conventional jet fuel during maintenance, repair, and overhaul at ITP Aero. This move reflects the aviation industry’s commitment to sustainable flight.

The F-35 Stealth Fighter Is Crammed With Electronics. It’s Up to GE Aerospace to Keep Them Working

The F-35 Lightning II, manufactured by Lockheed Martin, can reach supersonic speeds and may be the world’s stealthiest fighter plane. For pilots, its advanced electronic systems are what really set it apart. Designed to replace most of the United States’ aging fighter fleet, the F-35 comes equipped with a constellation of sensors and avionics that assemble a remarkably detailed picture of conditions in and around the aircraft. GE Aerospace supplies eight of those systems, including electrical power management, aircraft memory, remote interface units for the fuselage and missiles, and engine-monitoring technology. This spring, GE Aerospace signed a four-year performance-based logistics (PBL) contract with Lockheed Martin to maintain and repair this equipment on F-35 aircraft around the world.

Going the Distance: GE’s F414 Engine Celebrates 30th Anniversary

GE Aerospace today marks the 30th year since its F414 engine successfully completed its first run. With decades of experience under its belt and reputation of offering an outstanding performance, reliability, and versatility, the F414 is still firing on all cylinders.

Highlights from MRO Americas, the Largest Aviation Services Trade Show in the World

MRO Americas is the largest trade show in the world that’s dedicated to aviation maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO). In April, 850 exhibitors and more than 15,000 people attended the three-day show in Atlanta, including airlines, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and MRO service providers like GE Aerospace, leasing companies, aviation authorities and regulators.

GE Reports’ Top Stories of 2022

If you blinked during this year of change you might have missed some of GE’s biggest stories. Here we count down the 10 most read articles by GE Reports in 2022.

TURN UP: Larger, Lighter Additive Parts

GE Aerospace Advanced Technology Munich-led European consortium unveils one of the largest-ever metal 3D-printed aerospace parts and demonstrates significant cost, weight and time savings.


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