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Digital Backbone for the Military’s Next-Gen Aircraft Enables Ease for Upgrades

The U.S. Army’s Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA) is a tiltrotor aircraft that takes off and lands vertically like a helicopter and flies like an airplane. Several key components of FLRAA will be supplied by GE Aerospace, including the powerful network, called the Digital Backbone, that acts as the nerve center for all the data traffic on board.

GE Aerospace’s Quick Six With Military Veteran Amanda Dolsen

In this Quick Six, we sat down with Amanda Dolsen, who is in the Military Officer Leadership Program (MOLP).

In her combined 11 years in the army, eight of those on active duty, Dolsen served as an Army Logistics Officer, where she led all aspects of Army logistics, including transportation and distribution, maintenance, ammunitions as well as managing fuel, water, and food distribution. She also managed parachute and aerial delivery commodities along with operations planning.

Five Trends that will Shape Aerospace in 2024

2023 marked another dynamic year for aerospace. New challenges appeared, others stuck around and some thankfully faded.  
What changes could 2024 bring? We spoke with five GE Aerospace experts on the trends they are watching next year and the impact those trends will have on the global aerospace system.  

Robinson Zapata: Finding Meaning in His Work

Working in the commercial parts supply industry was just the beginning for Robinson Zapata. As a 17-year GE Aerospace employee and member of the U.S. Army Reserves, he found his true calling and fell in love with the precision and dedication required in the aviation industry. What really motivates him are the people he works with.

The T700: The Power Behind the Multi-Mission Helicopter Transforming Firefighting and Beyond

Another year, another record-breaking global fire season. This summer, international teams joined forces to attack major wildfires by air and land in Greece, Canada, and Hawaii, among other far-flung locales. In California, where more than 25% of the population lives in areas at very high or extremely high risk of wildfire, a slower season was a welcome reprieve at a time when the state sees an average of more than 1.57 million acres destroyed by fire each year.

But firefighting teams in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Ventura County, along with state wildfire crews at Cal Fire, are feeling better prepared to tackle future conflagrations, medical evacuations, and search-and-rescue operations these days because of one particular advantage: the Firehawk, a modified Sikorsky Black Hawk helicopter powered by GE Aerospace’s T700 engines


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