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The Future of Flight: GE Aerospace Closes Week at Paris Air Show with Big Deals on GEnx, LEAP, and Avionics

Anyone who visited the GE Aerospace chalet at the Paris Air Show, on the grounds of Le Bourget Airport, came away with three distinct impressions: The market for engines is growing, lean is working, and new technologies are on the rise. The GE Aerospace team also inked a number of contracts, announcing growth in its order book across jet engines, services, avionics, and digital offerings. The deals include more than 100 GEnx-1B engines, as well as 70 CFM LEAP-1A engines, 80 CFM LEAP-1B engines, and 37 CF34-8E engines, along with multiple service contracts.

How RISE Arose: The Story Behind Decades of Innovations That Bring CFM to a Pivotal Moment

In 1941, the United States government asked GE to develop the first American jet engine. Allied defense, industrial collaboration, technological advancement, and economic growth were at stake. GE delivered the very next year.

Now, more than 80 years later, GE Aerospace finds itself at the cusp of another era-defining moment. With climate change impacting communities and economies around the world, the aerospace industry is in the midst of what feels to some like a seismic shift.

Ticket to Fly: Engineer and STEM Advocate Alisha Davis-Kent Will Take Us to the Paris Air Show

The 2023 Paris Airshow is coming up very soon, and evaluation engineer, Alisha Davis-Kent, is going to represent GE Aerospace and give us a behind the scenes look at what happens during the airshow. As an evaluation engineer, Davis-Kent has a front row seat to GE’s specialized jet engine testing. Her role is to help coordinate development tests of commercial and military engines, gathering the engineering data that help certify jet engines and further the capabilities of flight.

GE Lifts the U.S. Into the Jet Age

On October 1, 1942, a Bell XP-59A Airacomet powered by two GE I-A turbojet engines roared down a remote runway at Muroc Dry Lake in California and slowly lifted off the ground. From modest beginnings in the California desert, the United States had entered The Jet Age.


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