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New GE Apprenticeship Program Seeks to Shape the Next Generation of Powerplant Technicians

Krystal was looking for her next challenge in life and started with GE Aerospace a little over 6 months ago in the Powerplant Technician Apprentice Program where she is getting the hands-on experience and classroom training required to obtain her FAA Repairman certificate and FAA Powerplant certificate. Male-dominated industry, no problem. Krystal has accepted the challenge and is excited for the opportunity to be able to maintain, repair, and overhaul jet engines.

Going Very High, Very Fast: Up in the Air With GE’s 747 Flying Test Bed Engineers

It’s hard to get bored when your day job involves climbing into a seat on the upper deck of a Boeing 747 and cruising over the Sierra Nevada mountain range on a regular basis. For Nate Kamps, principal engineer and test director for GE Aerospace’s Flight Test Operations team in Victorville, California, the work — and the view — never gets old.

‘Incredible and Interesting’: Words That Describe One Young Engineer’s Journey

Fighting fires and flying planes are not phrases you often hear together, but these things collide in the aviation industry where there are a host of diverse job opportunities. During a recent event held by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA), a young GE Aerospace engineer, Brendan Freely, joined a group of peers onstage to talk about what excites them about careers in aviation.

GE Reports’ Top Stories of 2022

If you blinked during this year of change you might have missed some of GE’s biggest stories. Here we count down the 10 most read articles by GE Reports in 2022.

“It’s All About Purpose”: This Engineer Calls the Shots in GE’s Factory for Jet Engine Super Ceramics

Loren Finnerty manages more than 300 shop floor workers and engineers at GE Aerospace’s giant Asheville plant in North Carolina, where thousands of advanced composite components are produced every year for GE jet engines. Finnerty’s ability to grasp fine detail and never lose sight of the bigger picture has earned her a reputation as one of GE’s shop floor gurus. She’s chalked off nearly 20 years at GE businesses, using her engineering, people, and project management skills to enhance safety, motivate teams, and boost production and efficiency everywhere she goes.

GE Soars to New Heights with New Facility at Brisbane Airport

GE is thrilled to announce the launch of its new, $8 million Asia-Pacific Service Centre, reflecting years of successful service and hopes for an even brighter future in flight. The world-leading facility will be the largest GE Aerospace, Systems service centre in the Asia-Pacific region.


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