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GE Soars to New Heights with New Facility at Brisbane Airport

GE is thrilled to announce the launch of its new, $8 million Asia-Pacific Service Centre, reflecting years of successful service and hopes for an even brighter future in flight. The world-leading facility will be the largest GE Aerospace, Systems service centre in the Asia-Pacific region.

GE Aerospace’s Quick Six with Connie Orozco Huerta

In our next installation of Quick Six, GE Aerospace sat down with Connie Orozco Huerta, Manufacturing Engineer in the Manufacturing Engineering Development Program to discuss what sparked her passion for engineering and how she entered the aviation industry.

Getting Better All the Time: 45 Years In, Gail Thompson Sees Opportunity in Change

Gail Thompson, a lead engineer who focuses on compliance and continuous improvement, has been with the company for 45 years. Thompson has become a beacon of stability in a sea of change, the person who knows where everything is and how it’s all supposed to get done. In a way, she’s a bridge to the company’s past as well as its future.


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