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The T700: The Power Behind the Multi-Mission Helicopter Transforming Firefighting and Beyond

Another year, another record-breaking global fire season. This summer, international teams joined forces to attack major wildfires by air and land in Greece, Canada, and Hawaii, among other far-flung locales. In California, where more than 25% of the population lives in areas at very high or extremely high risk of wildfire, a slower season was a welcome reprieve at a time when the state sees an average of more than 1.57 million acres destroyed by fire each year.

But firefighting teams in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Ventura County, along with state wildfire crews at Cal Fire, are feeling better prepared to tackle future conflagrations, medical evacuations, and search-and-rescue operations these days because of one particular advantage: the Firehawk, a modified Sikorsky Black Hawk helicopter powered by GE Aerospace’s T700 engines

‘A Permanent Mark on Climate Action’: GE Showcases Its Latest Energy Innovations at COP28

Building on that 131-year legacy, GE’s future independent public companies, GE Vernova and GE Aerospace, will be discussing and demonstrating advanced technologies this week at the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference, or COP28, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Amid technical breakthroughs and new public-private partnerships, it’s clearer than ever that technology will be the key to solving climate change, accelerating decarbonization, and transitioning to cleaner energy. 

Taking Flight: GE Aerospace News from the 2023 Dubai Airshow

Strengthening connections with key aviation players, GE Aerospace joined exhibitors from 95 countries at the Dubai Airshow, announcing significant orders for both widebody and narrowbody engines. Here are the GE Aerospace headlines and news from the 2023 Dubai Airshow.

GE Aerospace Fuels Expert: SAF is Here to Stay

.Today, SAF production is about 0.1% of jet fuel consumed worldwide. At the recent Sustainable Aviation Futures North America conference in Houston, Texas, discussion was driven by the financial, feedstock, logistical, and other barriers to overcome to send SAF production and availability higher

A Legendary Helicopter Engine Turns to Sustainable Aviation Fuel to Get Back in the Skies

Known for its daring rescues and VIP transport, the Sikorsky S-92 is getting an upgrade. GE Aerospace’s CT7 engines that power the S-92 will now use a blend of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and conventional jet fuel during maintenance, repair, and overhaul at ITP Aero. This move reflects the aviation industry’s commitment to sustainable flight.

The Power and the Glory: GE Aerospace Delivers 3,000th GE90 Engine

In the annals of engine production, the GE90 holds a special attraction for both the aviation world and the people at GE Aerospace who’ve worked on the engine program. Today GE Aerospace announced that it has delivered its 3,000th GE90 production engine.

The F-35 Stealth Fighter Is Crammed With Electronics. It’s Up to GE Aerospace to Keep Them Working

The F-35 Lightning II, manufactured by Lockheed Martin, can reach supersonic speeds and may be the world’s stealthiest fighter plane. For pilots, its advanced electronic systems are what really set it apart. Designed to replace most of the United States’ aging fighter fleet, the F-35 comes equipped with a constellation of sensors and avionics that assemble a remarkably detailed picture of conditions in and around the aircraft. GE Aerospace supplies eight of those systems, including electrical power management, aircraft memory, remote interface units for the fuselage and missiles, and engine-monitoring technology. This spring, GE Aerospace signed a four-year performance-based logistics (PBL) contract with Lockheed Martin to maintain and repair this equipment on F-35 aircraft around the world.

Going the Distance: GE’s F414 Engine Celebrates 30th Anniversary

GE Aerospace today marks the 30th year since its F414 engine successfully completed its first run. With decades of experience under its belt and reputation of offering an outstanding performance, reliability, and versatility, the F414 is still firing on all cylinders.

Trusted Around the World: GE Aerospace’s Engines Power Defense Forces at Home and Abroad

It’s safe to say most people who have traveled by air have encountered GE Aerospace products during their journey. Engines made by GE Aerospace or its partner companies power three-quarters of the world’s flights. Just as notable is GE’s work with militaries around the world.

GE’s world-class engines and integrated systems benefit from the company’s investment in both military and commercial technologies, and their performance and reliability have earned them the trust of warfighters and nations across the globe.

Taking the Limelight: GE’s Engines Shine at EBACE

The most important private and business aviation event in Europe, EBACE 2023, was staged in the city of Geneva last month, gathering the industry’s top players along with their latest developments and flagship products. Among the flagship products on display were full-scale mockups of GE’s Passport engine and the new Catalyst turboprop engine, a product of Avio Aero – a GE Aerospace company.  


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