Turin, Italy—to many the automotive industry’s homeland—is now also home to the aerospace industry’s technology of the future.

It’s where GE Aviation’s Avio Aero headquarters calls home, as well—along with the city’s prestigious engineering university, the Polytechnic of Turin, which was recently recognized by Graduate Employability Rankings 2018 as the first in the world for its graduate employment rate.

Recently, Avio Aero and the Polytechnic of Turin launched a new laboratory within the campus, the Turin Additive Lab (the second laboratory that Avio Aero and the University have partnered on).

The Polytechnic of Turin campus in Turin, Italy.

The Turin Additive Lab (TAL), is even more avant-garde than the first; combining design and experimentation for innovations in additive technologies.

TAL, which began operating in May of 2017, includes additive machines for metal 3D printing. The lab operates direct metal laser melting machines from Concept Laser, a GE Additive company. The M2 cusing machine, the self-proclaimed workhorse of Concept Laser’s fleet of machines, is easily enabling students and engineers from Avio Aero to collaborate on additive components for aerospace applications.

“[The Turin Additive Lab] is a beautiful place, with an incredible energetic team on their way to becoming number one,” said Mohammad Ehteshami, vice president & general manager at GE Additive.

During his visit of the new facility within the Polytechnic of Turin Ehteshami commented: “Engineers and researchers here incubate these machines to develop additive solutions, not only for GE but for the world as well. This technology empowers engineers to solve design solutions utilizing additive and to understand how additive can change the way we imagine the world.”

TAL’s mission is studying the best technology solutions aimed at producing components for jet engines of the future with lighter weight and better performance. This is also achieved through the creation of prototypes for the top European research projects, such as the Racer, which forms part of the Clean Sky 2 platform and which Airbus recently presented at the Le Bourget Air Show.

The optimization of GE Aviation’s first European engine, the Advanced Turboprop, will take place at TAL—with collaborations taking place between students and engineers from Avio Aero.