Airplane pilots fly all over the world, but do you ever wonder what their favorite location is to fly into? We recently reached out to a few of our favorite Instagram aces, who also happen to be pilots, and asked them that exact question. Their responses are captivating, but it’s their photographs that really give us a glimpse into a pilot’s point of view…


Jon Millmann_Picture

@TheGlobeMaster, Jon Millmann

One of the most memorable airports I’ve ever landed at is Wake Island (PWAK), located halfway between the Hawaiian Islands (USA) and Japan. Pan American Airlines originally populated this airport as a stopover and refuel point for their trans-pacific routes from California to China. Access to Wake Island is limited with typically less than 100 people on the island at any given time.


It being one of the most remote islands in the world, and having such a rich connection to aviation history, makes this history major appreciative that I’ve been able to break out of the clouds and see the same sanctuary of a runway that aviators of the past have seen. There’s definitely a sense of great nostalgia in landing at an airport that very few have or ever will get to experience.




@Larideasas, Larissa Bernardo

My favorite airport to land at is Orlando International (MCO), located in Orlando, Florida. I think this airport is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever landed at! I don’t know if it is because of the magic energy that the homeland of Disney World transmits, but there is something special about that place with the palm trees and the lakes! Everything is so beautiful; it looks like you are truly at Disney’s Airport!


Usually when you go there, you are not only transporting people, you are transporting dreams!


Tom Cross_Picture

@TCrossAU, Tom Cross

My favorite airport is definitely Hong Kong International, also referred to as Chek Lap Kok (VHHH). The first time I flew into Chek Lap Kok I was 21 and had very little time operating outside of Australian airspace. It was an amazing experience to operate a GAF Nomad, a 4000kg aircraft, amongst some of the world’s largest planes.


I was required to weave through a maze of Boeing 747s, Airbus A380s and many of the other giants of aviation all whilst trying to remember where I was on an airport nearly 80 times the size of a [European] football field. Never before had I experienced such traffic flow with intricate departures and arrivals that needed to be closely monitored to ensure compliance. My time there truly gave me respect for the Air Traffic Controllers who are required to maintain maximum efficiency at all hours of the day and night to ensure that departures and arrivals are never delayed.


I look forward to the day when I once again approach Chek Lap Kok, hopefully in the Captain’s seat of my own giant airliner.

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