From working parents to military veterans, GE Aerospace would not be the company it is today without its employees. We created “Quick Six” to celebrate our diverse talent by asking employees six questions that uncover the unique ways that they contribute to GE and the world.

In our next installation of Quick Six, GE Aerospace sat down with Connie Orozco Huerta, Manufacturing Engineer in the Manufacturing Engineering Development Program located in Cincinnati, Ohio.


How long have you been at GE Aerospace, and could you provide a brief overview of what you currently do?

I was an intern in 2019 at the Lafayette Engine Facility and I have been full time on the Manufacturing Engineering Development Program (MEDP) since January 2021. I started as an engineer on the Machine Team at the Additive Technology Center (ATC). While on the machine team, I helped develop a new gage control plan for laser power meter calibration to reduce process variation. I am currently in the process of rotating to my new role within the MEDP program as a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Engineer at ATC. In this new role I’ll be focusing on design reproducibility by analyzing models and working with engineering to finalize those designs.

When and why did you decide to be become an engineer?

I was lucky enough to attend a high school that offered Project Lead the Way, college level engineering classes for high school students to enroll in. Attending those classes were my favorite part of the day and I quickly decided that I wanted to pursue some form of engineering degree. Another motivating factor that I didn’t realize at the time was that my Project Lead the Way teacher was a woman. She was a role model for me at a young age and was the first woman in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) I had met.


Connie Orozco Huerta is a manufacturing engineer, who recently attended Jet Engine Teardown School training (JETS) at GE Aerospace’s Customer Technical Education Center (CTEC).

Did you always want to work in aviation? If so, why? If not, in what did industry did you originally see yourself?

While I was in college, I had three internships with a company that specialized in packaging systems. I knew I wanted to try a different industry for my last internship, but I didn’t know which industry to pick. I had experience and was very interested in additive technology, so I started doing research to find what companies were leading the way with additive. That’s when I applied and accepted an internship with GE Aerospace. I knew nothing about the aviation industry, but I was ready to learn. After my internship at the Lafayette Engine Facility, I knew I wanted to stay with GE.

What do you like about GE Aerospace?

I am always in awe of the technology that my colleagues develop! Besides the technology, I love the Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) I can be a part of. I am an active member of the Hispanic Forum, Women in Manufacturing, and Women’s Network. (Read more about GE’s Employee Resource Groups.)

Orozco Huerta participating in the Jet Engine Teardown School training (JETS) at CTEC.

You recently attended GE Aerospace’s Customer Technical Education Center (CTEC). What were some of the biggest takeaways from your time there?

CTEC is a very impressive facility, but the stars of the show are the faculty. The instructors were fantastic and everyone else we interacted with was very friendly and helpful. At CTEC I was able to understand how the decisions of an engineer can really impact the entire assembly of an engine. When designing an engine, you must be able to look at the bigger picture. It’s important to think about all the people who will have to handle and assemble the part, not just its function.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Outside of work I love spending time with my dog, Max, and finding ways to be active! I started running last year to explore more of Cincinnati. Since then, I’ve ran two half marathons, and I am currently training for my third. Also, I recently started a run club called Mariposa Run Club, to create a community for Latine runners in Cincinnati. It’s always nice to see other GE Aerospace employees come to the runs and connect with the community!