Have you ever dreamed of working on a jet engine? Or are you a GE Aviation customer aircraft technician who would like to know more about the engines you maintain?

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GE Aviation’s Customer Technical Education Center (CTEC) trainers have launched a new series of videos to provide engine maintainers with quick access to important maintenance tips.

 The video series, called “Maintenance Minute,” is featured on GE Aviation’s YouTube channel. The video-blogs are produced to give GE Aviation customer aircraft technicians a brief visual representation of various engine maintenance tasks that they can replicate for routine maintenance or repairs.

 “By placing the videos on YouTube they are available for anyone, anywhere and can be referenced time and time again, even from your mobile device.” said Mike Masters, CTEC Customer Training Program Leader. “Maintenance Minute is intended to help our customer technicians with maintenance tasks which have been shown to have a higher possibility of ‘human factor’ related errors,” he said.

 Additional videos will be added to the YouTube playlist on a regular basis. The initial  videos posted focus on the CF6 engineCF34 engine and “All Engine Models.”  Topics range from proper cleaning and care of electrical connectors, to proper removal of the CF6 spinner cone.  As the series progresses, additional videos will be created for all engine models, on any topic that may benefit customers.

 Because not all topics can be demonstrated by video, detailed procedures involving measurements, part numbers or specific manual references will continue to be available through CTEC’s online portal “CTEC-U”, which requires a login and password. However, if you are on the flight line using the maintenance manual to troubleshoot an intermittent “VBV Feedback Disagree” fault, pull up Maintenance Minute on your smart phone, the video on “Electrical Connector Cleaning” might just help!

Have an idea for an upcoming series video? Leave a comment below and your question could be featured next!