CAPT Colston 2By: Captain Mike Colston, M.D., Director of the Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury



Our military community is active. Not only do the armed forces emphasize fitness, but sports are a personal passion for a lot of us, whether riding a bike or motorcycle, playing on a team or competing in extreme sports.

We’ve all heard about traumatic brain injuries (TBI) caused by blast events. But battlefield injuries aren’t the reason for most military TBIs: The most common causes are motor vehicle crashes and falls.

One of the DCoE centers, the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center leads the charge as we recognize Brain Injury Awareness Month every March. The theme this year is: Think Ahead: Be safe. Know the signs. Get help. DVBIC and its A Head for the Future initiative will highlight resources to help service members, veterans, military families and others prevent, recognize and recover from TBI.

You can support these efforts too:

For all the information you need to get involved in #BIAmonth, visit the DVBIC Brain Injury Awareness Month page. The page includes a top 10 of TBI resources, links to promotional materials to share or display at training or educational events, and information on various ways people can get involved this month in supporting brain injury awareness through social media.