When the time came to start planning for Environment, Health, and Safety month, GE Aviation’s Auburn EHS Council wanted to do something creative. So they turned to Neil Turner.

Aware that the manufacturing associate’s side hustle was writing and performing hip-hop and gospel songs, the council asked him if he’d be interested in creating an ode to safety.

Well, not an ode exactly. Something a little catchier. Something that would get people’s attention.

They gave him a few safety points to hit on and left the rest up to him. Turner started by quizzing the different shop teams on the hazards they grapple with each day and how they use personal protective equipment and other precautions to keep safe.

“Me being an artist, when I got that safety information from the teams, I could easily string it together and find a nice beat,” he said.

Clearly, he knew what he was doing. It’s not easy to make lines about steel-toed boots and safety glasses rhyme, let alone sound simultaneously cool and urgent.

With the help of skilled videographer and editor Antonio Thomas, who produced and edited the music video, Turner and Thomas created the “Don’t Forget It” video.

Since their EHS Safety video went up on the Auburn plant’s internal site, it’s received more than 550 likes and 150 comments.

“I didn’t think it would be this popular,” Turner said. “I knew it would be popular at my plant, but I didn’t expect other plants to catch onto it. We had an engineer from Poland visit the plant last week. He came to find me and told me, ‘I’m not too into hip-hop music, but I watched your video more than five times.’ I was like, wow.”

When he’s not rapping about the importance of wearing a respirator while working with additive powder, Turner’s Christian-themed gospel and hip-hop can be found on Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube, GooglePlay, and other major platforms.