A transformational GE military engine program and a unique GE leadership program are bringing home some hardware as 2021 recipients of Aviation Week Network’s Laureates awards.

Per Aviation Week, its awards “recognize the extraordinary achievements of individuals and teams in the aviation industry. The accomplishments embody the spirit of exploration, innovation and vision that inspire others to strive for progress, change and leadership in aviation and aerospace.”

Here’s a look at the two winners and their accomplishments.


In the Defense category, GE’s revolutionary XA100 adaptive cycle engine was a winner.

GE initiated XA100 testing at its Evendale, Ohio, altitude test facility on December 22, 2020. The engine’s performance and mechanical behavior were consistent with pre-test predictions and fully aligned with the U.S. Air Force’s Adaptive Engine Transition Program (AETP) objectives.

The XA100-GE-100 engine combines three key innovations to deliver a generational change in combat propulsion performance:

  • An adaptive engine cycle that provides both a high-thrust mode for maximum power and a high-efficiency mode for optimum fuel savings and loiter time
  • A third-stream architecture that provides a step-change in thermal management capability, enabling future mission systems for increased combat effectiveness
  • Extensive use of advanced component technologies, including ceramic matrix composites (CMC), polymer matrix composites (PMC), and additive manufacturing

These revolutionary innovations increase thrust 10%, improve fuel efficiency by 25%, and provide significantly more aircraft heat dissipation capacity, all within the same physical envelope as current propulsion systems.

“Bringing a new centerline fighter engine to test for the first time is a challenging endeavor, and this success is a testament to the great GE and U.S. Air Force team that worked so hard to get us here,” said David Tweedie, GE Edison Works’ General Manager for Advanced Combat Engines. “We’re honored to receive this award from Aviation Week.”

The XA100 is a product of GE Edison Works, a business unit dedicated to the research, development, and production of advanced military solutions. This business unit has full responsibility for strategy, innovation, and execution of advanced programs.

The XA100 has a revolutionary three-stream architecture. This rendering is a representation of each stream.


Junior Officer Leadership Program

In the Commercial Aviation category, GE Aviation’s Junior Officer Leadership Program was also a winner.

GE’s early-career leadership programs are typically geared toward recent college graduates and early-career professionals and provide a broad range of experiences to build a well-rounded foundation for participants’ career growth.

The Junior Officer Leadership Program, known as “JOLP,” draws from a different group that have already started their careers in a unique place: the U.S. military.

JOLP members earn diverse, eight-month assignments stretching across GE’s commercial, military, systems, and business and general aviation businesses over several assignments called “rotations.” Program leadership seeks out opportunities to match up members’ interests and skills with existing business needs to create impactful opportunities in each rotation in the two-year program.

“We’re grateful for the recognition from Aviation Week on this unique program and asset within GE,” says Mike Huffman, GE Aviation’s Global Security Crisis & Risk Manager and JOLP Business Leadership Program Manager. “Through JOLP, members really get a chance to chart their own path and leverage their military experiences to achieve business objectives. We believe this is an unparalleled experience for military veterans looking to make an impact early in their private sector careers.”

Individuals interested in the Junior Officer Leadership Program and open roles can visit this site for more information. Join GE’s talent community to be notified when JOLP applications open later this year.