The United Arab Emirates Air Force operates one of the most advanced fleet of F-16s in the world and GE Aviation is on it.  Lockheed Martin recently awarded GE Aviation a multi-million-dollar contract to upgrade the UAE Air Force’s F-16 data transfer system.

“This development work, scheduled for the next several years, advances the data transfer product line to be ready for next generation applications,” said Alan Caslavka, president of Avionics Systems for GE Aviation.  “The data transfer system is an integral part of the Block 60 avionics suite that provides mission data to the aircraft, allowing the pilot to execute missions more efficiently.”

The contract involves a redesign of the system and an aircraft retrofit that will extend the life of this capability for the UAE Air Force’s F-16 fleet.  The Block 60 brings together a host of systems on the leading edge of technology to deliver the capabilities necessary to meet modern defense requirements.