GE Aviation recently announced the acquisition of OC Robotics, a privately-owned Company specializing in the design and manufacturing of snake-arm robots. 

The UK-based Company has around 20 employees and is a leading designer and manufacturer of commercial snake-arm robots and software for confined and hazardous environments.

“OC Robotics will play an important role in how we service our customers’ engines,” said Jean Lydon-Rodgers, vice president and general manager of GE Aviation’s Services organization. “This acquisition will expand our component repair development capabilities and increase the efficiency of the On Wing Support team as they perform inspections and repairs on our customers’ engines.”

OC Robotics’ technologies and offerings are well aligned to GE’s vision of building its own expertise and capabilities in the robotics space and will enable the business to unlock further opportunities to deliver more productivity for Customers and CSA contracts.

With a reach of more than 3 meters and a cumulative bend of more than 180 degrees, OC Robotics’ flexible snake-arm robots are ideal for working in tight spots and can conduct various tasks, including inspections, fastening and cleaning when integrated with tooling. OC Robotics is active in the aerospace, nuclear, petrochemical, security and construction industries throughout Europe, North America and Asia.

“For 15 years, OC Robotics invested heavily to develop snake-arm robot technologies, and the aviation industry has always been a target area for this technology. This acquisition represents a significant opportunity for the OC Robotics team to deploy our technology through a world-leading organisation.” said Andy Graham, technical director of OC Robotics.

OC Robotics will become part of GE Aviation’s Services Organization. To watch OC Robotics in action, visit YouTube at: