As Aviation evolves its journey to become a Digital-Industrial business, we are guided by President & CEO David Joyce’s vision laid out in GE’s Annual Report. At its core, GE Aviation’s digital strategy aims to connect advanced hardware with software and analytics to solve customer problems and create productivity gains internally.

Our view of how we grow as a Digital-Industrial company must be influenced by what is happening outside of GE. The environment is changing, there are new competitors and partners, and our customers’ needs are evolving. In this spirit, we have invited external thought leaders and experts to speak to our teams. This outside-in perspective inspires and motivates our employees to think differently and ask questions.

Recently, two digital innovators visited GE Aviation’s headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio to share insights with our leaders. We asked them to summarize their unique perspectives.

Take a look:

Ralph Clark, President & CEO of Shotspotter


Amadeus Stevenson, Chief Technology Officer, Decoded