For preliminary ice testing, the GE9X program is hoping the weather outside is frightful.

GE Aviation’s development program for the world’s largest commercial aircraft engine has been very nice this year.

And now, with ground testing of the first full GE9X development engine completed months ahead of a typical program schedule, the GE9X wish list for St. Nick includes lots of cold weather through winter to complete preliminary ice testing at GE Aviation’s Peebles Test Operation.

“The GE9X is positioned and ready for the season’s sustained temperature drop,” said Ted Ingling, general manager of the GE9X program at GE Aviation. “We’re anticipating that Santa will bring frigid weather for the months ahead.”

Maturation testing of the GE9X engine began about five years ago and has progressed from component-level all the way to the first full engine to test (FETT). FETT brings all the GE9X technologies together to demonstrate their operability as a complete propulsion system.


Next year will be busy for the GE9X program, with start of certification testing and flight testing on GE Aviation’s flying test bed. The GE9X will power Boeing’s 777X, with engine certification anticipated in 2018.