By John Mansfield, Chief Digital Officer and President of Digital Solutions for GE Aviation

GE Aviation remains committed to using data and analytics to benefit our customers and the aviation industry. The digital business within GE Aviation has achieved double-digit growth for eight consecutive quarters and is proud to have 300+ unique airlines, OEMs and business jet operators as customers.

John Mansfield is the Chief Digital Officer and President of Digital Solutions for GE Aviation.

Our military and commercial customers increasingly rely on our proven and trusted digital technologies. Our digital commitment and strategy remains focused on our core industries, installed base customers and new vertical markets. Our strength in digital comes from validating digital productivity tools internally first, our deep domain knowledge in aviation and analytics and processing quality data.

We realize the value of data. While we have always delivered digital solutions direct to customers, we are strong believers in using and proving our approach on ourselves first. Our recent advances have delivered significant productivity gains. It made sense to provide these digital technologies to our military and commercial customers to help them.

Our ability together with our customers, to harness the power of data as it streams from our products is providing incredible insights and learnings that are being turned into real operational value for our customers.

“Together with our customers, we are unlocking new opportunities to grow and deliver more productivity beyond our traditional services This is a journey of discovery with our customers focused on their competitiveness, speed, and efficiency, while differentiating our products, services and relationships.”

— David Joyce, President & CEO, GE Aviation

Beyond the engine, GE Aviation is using data to make significant gains for the airlines. At airlines like Qantas and AirAsia, we’re making data available to pilots while bringing together the analytics with the physical asset to help customers increase their operational efficiency. 

Data scientists and domain experts work with customers to distill billions of data points within the aviation ecosystem. Our team has analyzed more than 250 million flights, and the company’s records management system manages seven billion aircraft maintenance records with one million new updates per day across a global aircraft MRO ecosystem.

GE Aviation is a centerpiece of the Company, strongly supported by the corporation’s greatest technology strengths including unprecedented R & D and infrastructure investments over the past 15 years. We have the industry’s fastest-growing installed base of more than 60,000 commercial and military engines in service.

We have been delivering digital technologies and solutions for more than 25 years, and we are firmly committed to leading the digital transformation of the Aviation industry for the long haul.